About Us

The MOMS Club is a support group just for you, the mother-at-home of today, interested in the world around you, wanting a variety of activities for you and your children, and proud of your choice of at home mothering for your family!

Internationally, the MOMS Club has over 2,000+ chapters in seven countries, and we represent more than 100,000 members! We are the only international support group specifically for all at-home mothers, and we’d like you to be a member too! Click here to visit the International MOMS Club website.

Bring your children!
We believe being a mother shouldn’t isolate you, so you may bring your children with you to anything we do. You don’t have to bring children to attend, but if you do, please remember, you are responsible for your child’s safety and behavior.

Our dues are $28 a year and pay for our room rentals, supplies and programs. You may attend two meetings (such as a meeting and a park day — in home activities are for members only!) before you decide to become a member. We understand that being a mother-at-home often means a tight family budget, if the dues would be a hardship for your family, please talk to one of our board members.

Welcome Newcomers!
Come visit our next meeting! Our chapter is very open to new members. You probably won’t be the only new member there! Although some of us have lived in the area for years and are experienced mothers; many of us are new in town or new to motherhood! We all have one thing in common — the MOMS Club introduced us to other moms who stay home…the ones who soon became our friends.


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