FAQs For Members

Q: What if I RSVP yes to an event and I can’t attend?

A: No problem! Just go on the meet-up website or app and change your RSVP to no. It’s important to change it so that the host isn’t waiting for/expecting you.

Q: How many people should I RSVP for? Should I include the number of kids with me?

A: No, we expect that you will have your kids with you (although you don’t need your kids present to attend an event). Just RSVP for yourself so we know how many moms are coming to an event.

Q: Who creates events?

A: We all create events! Our MOMS club works best when we all participate in the club by attending events and creating events. This is our MOMS club and it shouldn’t be one person or a few people who create all the events. We would love for you to get involved!

Q: Can I create an evening event?

A: We are allowed one evening event per month, usually the MNO (Moms Night Out). If you would like to host the MNO, go ahead and host it!

Q: Can I schedule an event with no kids?

A: The only event that is allowed to have no kids is the MNO. All other events must be child inclusive.

Q: Who can I contact if I have questions or issues I want to be discussed at a board meeting? Who can I contact if I want to be part of the board?

A: You can contact any of the board members (see membership list on meetup for current board members).

Q: What can I post on our private and/or public Facebook pages?

A: You can post pictures of your own children. Please do not post pictures of anyone else’s children. You can post upcoming area events. You can post mom related questions or anything else you want to talk to the group about.

Q: Is there a behavior/sick policy for the club?

A: Yes, it is in the membership packet you received by email when you joined. Email the membership coordinator or another board member for another copy.